About us

Plastisock Design is a Swedish brand started in 2005 by the two designers Malin Jarbo and Emily Willman. With a love for print and an aim to bring more colors and ease to the world of kids’ fashion, Plastisock has come up with styles so loved and treasured by parents as they are to be called classics.  Animal at Circus, RedThings and AppleField has been reproduced in books and fashion magazines all over the world and are of course to be seen in our basic collection. This season with a new little friend the Applefield Mini print. All in color combinations ready to match with our striped assortment.

This season Plastisock offers an extended variety of interior and accessories and one just love to have item is our woolen or chenille blanket. Thick and cozy in a quality that never wears out, to warm little people on a growing adventure.